Tim Madden with Haitian ChildrenAt various times in his life Tim has been known as Mister Vacation, The Fixologist and Just Plain Tim. He’s been an ardent entrepreneur since 1973 and likes the challenge of starting new businesses and exploring new possibilities.

He and his wife Susan, herself a Past President and Area 9 Assistant Governor from the Rotary Club of Oakhurst Sierra, live in Ahwahnee with their two dogs, two cats, and lots of wild critters. They have four grown children and three amazing grandkids, Parker (9), Oliver (3½), and Paloma (3½ + 45 minutes).

An engaged Rotarian of the Oakhurst Sunrise Club for ten years, Tim sees his professional attributes serving him well as he starts the journey to District 5220 Governor for 2021/2022. Tim knows that we are entering one of the most exciting periods for Rotary, a time when we must be creative and adaptive, a time when we must be engaging and inclusive, and a time to increase the public’s knowledge of who we are and what we do. His work with Rotarians in Haiti and Central America has shown him firsthand the difference that Rotary makes in the world.

Tim honors the 100+ year traditions of Rotary and embraces the next generation of Rotarians that are creating new and diverse opportunities to serve their communities.

According to Tim: “The world needs what Rotary offers and I look forward to engaging all Rotarians in our mission of ‘Service Above Self’. Let’s get busy making a difference!”